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John P. Burns, Personal Injury Attorney

At The Law Offices of John P. Burns, we specialize in helping people who have been injured in accidents, or by the negligence of others. Injury Attorney John P. Burns has been winning cases since 1981. He has successfully represented hundreds of people just like you.

We care deeply about our clients, and are dedicated to getting them the best insurance settlements possible. In fact, we will not take your case unless we are sure we can win a settlement for you.

Mr. Burns has spent years studying how the human body is injured in accidents. He has specialized medical knowledge that has helped him win hundreds of trials on behalf of injured clients. After trying hundreds of cases against insurance companies, Mr. Burns is well versed in all aspects of insurance coverage. This expertise allows him to negotiate the highest settlements possible.

Take a moment to read the testimonials from many of our satisfied clients, and learn more about the case results we have achieved in lawsuits similar to yours.

If you have been injured in an accident, explore our extensive FAQs section to get more information on how to proceed. If you have additional legal questions, we are here to help. The first conversation is always free.

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9 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your California Vehicle Accident Case

Are you prepared to make good decisions in the crisis of the moment? Are you aware how easy it is to make bad decisions that can seriously hurt your ability to recover damages should you need to? This helpful guide to protecting yourself in the event of a car, truck, or motorcycle crash can help teach you how to avoid the nine most damaging mistakes you can make following a crash.

John Burns took very good care of us. I was sitting in the front right seat of our car and my husband was driving when our car was rear ended by someone driving really fast. I had just had a left knee replacement several months before the accident and I re-injured my left knee in the crash. I also injured my neck and low back.

Attorney John Burns and the people at his office helped me get to good doctors to give me medical care.

Mr. Burns and his office staff made the insurance companies all pay the full amounts of their policy benefits to us. We got all our medical care paid for out of the settlement. We also received excellent settlement checks. If anyone needs a good accident attorney John Burns and his staff would be the best to have.”

- Olga and Wally Cisneros, Hemet, CA.


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Vehicle Accidents

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